Half Life Blue Shift

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The research center of Black Mesa is in a great danger. The watchman of the complex experiences a cascade resonance and finds himself in an elevator with two scientists. His duty is to keep them safe from danger, so he decides to stay somewhere near. However, they inform Barney (this is how the watchman is called) that the base is under the attack of soldiers of a special squad. Not only they aim to defeat the aliens that attack the planet, but also the base is their aim – the members of Mesa group are the witnesses of the alien invasion, which is a governmental secret, so the soldiers are here to kill them as well. The only way to save yourself and your people is to reach the teleportation portal that is hidden in the old section of the complex. If you will manage to reach it and use it properly, then you will have a chance to escape the Black Mesa before the soldiers will find you and kill you. This is the mission that decides your life!
The main part of the game takes place in the abandoned sector of the base where the investigations took place before. The group of scientists was working on the first version of the teleport there. Now they are following the main character of the game and trying to launch the teleport and leave the dangerous place. Once the port is reached, it turns out that it doesn’t work properly, so the watchman starts moving around the base instead of getting away of it. If you will manage to fix the teleport, you are saved! By the way, while you are going to play for a new character in this part of the game, you will still meet Gordon Freeman as a side character during the game. You will see him walking through the corridors of the base and even notice that the soldiers take unconscious Freeman to the garbage press. This game is the shortest one in the series, but you will have a good time playing it. This is the only chapter where the destiny of the main hero is decided and no intrigue is included. The story ends when the game is over and you don’t expect that something more will happen later. The story is complete! While Freeman and the main character of this part, Barney, are not connected – they don’t communicate and meet each other accidentally.