Half Life 2

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The main feature of Half Life titles surely is a flow that is never interrupted – it is complete and never-ending. The second part of the title continues this tradition and you will surely find yourself absolutely absorbed by the process. Half Life is known as one of the most popular games of all times. The second part saves that well-known feeling of anxiety and fear, where the inner conflict is combined with the external danger coming from the outside. The world of the game makes you extremely influential – everything is responsive here, so whatever you do, your decisions influence the process of playing. Your actions influence everything, from the outer world to your emotional state and people that surround you, both friends and enemies.
Now Gordon Freeman is researching and fighting again, all at the same time. He is on Earth now, but it is not the place as he knows it from the past – now the lands are flooded by aliens and they are trying to turn our blue planet into a desert. They are defeating people, using resources, and conquering the entire world. Your task is now to stop them and prevent humanity from dying. Become a savior of the entire humanity and save people from evil and darkness. Your comrades rely on you, so you cannot lose the fight. The game is stuffed with scenes that will make you alarmed all the time – the process is highly-energetic and thrilling. Everything happens in the real time and you will have to make fast and difficult decisions all the time.
You can create new characters, using the latest customization technologies. The level of detail is higher than you have ever seen in all similar titles. There are more than forty face muscles and people can perform numerous emotions that make them characters of the film rather than game heroes. They are extremely reactive and different. The physics are also great here – all objects and substances behave like they do in the real world, considering the mass, power, and material. Also, this part uses advanced AI technologies, so all characters can learn from their experience and choose the most optimal decisions.