Half Life 3

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The rumors around the newest parts of the most awaited and popular games are always vast. Half Life cannot be an exclusion – this title is one of the most well-known in the world and millions of fans from all corners of the world were waiting for this to happen for so long. Reading the existing articles and notes about the third part, most of us got upset – the developers were not very informative when answering the question about it. In some cases, they ignored the question at all, while at other times they said that the work on the new chapter is in process, but they have nothing particular to say. However, everything changes now and we are glad to tell you a bit more about the third chapter of the most thrilling shooter in the universe.
Again, you will play Gordon Freeman, a man who has already saved the world for a couple of times and now he comes back, because the planet is in danger again. The alien rush is conquering the earth once more and you have no choice but to stand against them. So take your weapons and get ready for a severe fight. The highly-variable world is even more advanced and free now – as you remember from two previous parts, the game has a highly-interactive gameplay. Now there are even more options and variants of your interactions with the world, so think about your every next step carefully! Each decision is important and shapes the plot. As for the character customization, there are incredible options for you here. We bet that you will spend hours playing with the options provided by developers – there are thousands of face expressions, emotional reactions, and other features to change and try out.
The game now uses advanced AI, so the actions of your enemies and comrades are highly-motivated and smart. Nobody rushes to the fight thoughtlessly now – each character can learn and choose the best decisions in this or that situation. This makes the process truly amazing – while there is a plot and tasks to complete, there are endless versions of the plot and everything on you. The VR technologies will allow you to find yourself right in the middle of Half Life world. You will become Gordon Freeman for real now and this will totally amaze you. Try now – the third part is available on our website right now! Wait no more.