Half Life 4

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As you may already know, every part of Half Life has its own special concept and focus on a particular aspect. For example, the forth one is all about the open space, less linear gameplay, and distant journeys. This time, the game is divided into chapters and they will present a number of various missions for you. The events take place in the woody environment near the City Seventeen. This time, Gordon and his comrade Alyx are going to apply their best efforts and reach the White Forest, a place where the rebels are based. You will meet and join them because your task is to pass the secret files from the Alliance to them. This is necessary to let the battle against the alien invaders go on. The result of the battle depends on you heavily, so do your best and you must do your best to reach the aim.
This one is an extremely witty and well-thought game, because the developers work hard on the concept and improve it from title to title. You are welcome to check this one out – an advanced and well-done title where you and your comrades will do everything to get to the final destination and help the investigation go on. The problem is that the rebellions that stand against the dangerous aliens just cannot fight against them before they learn everything about their weak parts. The documentation you are going to pass to the soldiers is extremely helpful and it will assist the entire squad make a huge step forward and finally stop the invaders. So do your best and get through all the challenges if you can.