Half Life Alyx

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This is the first time when Half Life gains a new face – now you are not going to play for Gordon Freeman, but for another character. This is Alyx Vans and she appears in the game series as a protagonist for the very first time. She and her father and brave warriors and rebellions that stand against the occupation of the planet. Their enemies are string and mighty – these are the aliens, representatives of the other civilizations called Alliance. The main character and her father will try to do everything and prevent a full occupation of the world. You will join them and defend your native planet from ruination and slavery. The aliens are not very thoughtful and carrying when it comes to using resources and human powers. All of their actions are tough and aimed at destruction and death, which you cannot allow. Being alone against the entire other civilization is not an easy task, but the truth is on your side, so you will cope with this complicated task for sure.
The events of the game take place in the anti-utopian world, where the apocalypse is going to start in a couple of minutes. Or the extinction of human race will start right away. In a word, the atmosphere of the game is pretty dull and tough – you always have that feeling that everything around you is falling and ruining and your task is to keep things in order and hopefully defeat the aliens to save the human race. The place where Alyx starts her adventures is called City Seventeen and you already know this environment – the events of the previous games happened here as well. The game’s events take place somewhere between the second and third parts of the game, so it is neither a sequel, nor a prequel.
Alyx was a helper and comrade of Gordon Freeman in the previous parts, but now the time has come for her to appear in the center of the events. She and her father lead the rebellion in City Seventeen. Together with your dad, you are going to investigate and research the enemy to find out more about their weak points and learn how to defeat them. The enemies are mighty and fighting with them is really hard. Will you handle the fight like? The civilization is conquering the planet and wants to enslave the entire humanity, but you and your dad are the last hope of the people. So do your best to invent a plan and save people from horrible life and death. Do your best – the destiny of the world is in your hands. The game includes elements of investigation, research, and shooting. A perfect combination for everyone who prefers thrilling adventures!