Half Life 2020

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It’s hard to name a shooting game that is more popular than Half Life. Indeed, the developers did a really good job creating it. The graphics, numerous customizable features, amazing plot, and sense of presence provided by maximal realism of the gameplay and controls make a perfect combination. You will play for Gordon Freeman, a professional scientist. He is a theorist in physics, but now the time has come to practice. Not only he is going to test his knowledge gained during the educational years. Also, he won’t have a choice but to try himself as a soldier with a mighty weapon, the one who is the only hope for humanity, a person that will save people (if he will manage to do that, of course). The problem is that the planet is being flooded by the aliens and they are not very friendly. They observe the Earth as a source of useful resources, including human energy. However, they don’t really care about our future, which means that they are not going to use anything found here in a smart way. Instead, they will make the planet empty and the people will suffer as slaves.
Gordon cannot allow this to happen, so he takes his weapons and starts a massive battle for the future of his homeland – the entire planet. He has comrades, courageous soldiers and survivors that are rebellious and skilled enough to risk their life for the sake of the future. In the chapter launched in 2020, you will have to complete the missions, move forward, and shoot your enemies all the time – there is a plenty of them here and they will attack and kill you if you won’t defeat them faster than they will notice and kill you. Be sure to have enough health and defense in your arsenal. Don’t rely on luck – keep your character well-equipped and track his health bar all the time. If you will fail to recharge the defense suit and cure the wounds of Gordon, chances are, that you will never reach the desired aim. And if you won’t do that, the entire planet will turn into a desert and people will disappear from its face once and forever. Be sure to make the right decisions, cooperate with your comrades combining your powers, and keep on moving. The plot of the game is pretty linear, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have freedom of actions.